Holly Madison Bio: More than Just the Girl Next Door

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When your flipping through the channels and you see Girls next door appearing on E!, you may think to yourself that it’s just some old man with three blond girlfriends that act and look the same. When in reality, they all have very distinctive personalities, especially Holly Madison.

Before being driven around in a limousine in L.A , Holly grew up in Alaska as the oldest of three siblings, and then later moved down to Oregon, where she attended the Portland State University. There she studied theater and psychology. Then after moving up to L.A, she studied real estate investment at UCLA, and business at Santa Monica college. After she was done with school, she worked as a Hawaiin Tropic Model, where she was discovered by one of Hugh Hefner’s friends and was invited to the Midsummer Night’s dream party at the Playboy mansion. After about a year of going to parties and meeting celebrities athe the parties, Hugh Hefner finally came up to her and there they talked one on one and knew that there was something there. Later that Friday, she was invited to live in the mansion as his girlfriend. And when she wasn’t doing her own photo shoots, Holly actually applied to be one of the editors in the Playboy magazine. There, she gave her opinion on the different poses and which pictures should be printed into the magazine.

Her interests aren’t the interests that one may think of somebody living in the playboy mansion. Unlike most of the other girlfriends, Holly hates to exercise. She will count calories, but you won’t be seeing her in the gym with the other girls.One other talent you will notice when your watching the show, is her talent to draw cartoons. She never publishes any of art work, but she will make things for the other girls or draw pictures of her and Hugh Hefner together. She believed Hefner to be her soul mate, although she ended up leaving the mansion in 2009.

After leaving the Playboy mansion, Holly got together with her secretive boyfriend, Criss Angel. They dated for a solid four months, before splitting. After the split, Holly replaced Jewel due to an injury on the reality show, Dancing with the Stars. Holly had taken swing dance lessons before, but they didn’t help her out during the show. She was eliminated on the third week.

Since the up and downs of her stardom and life, Holly has been residing in Las Vegas, except to make a return at the Playboy mansion to be a bridesmaids for another former girlfriends wedding. She soon hopes that she will be getting married and having children of her own.

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